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Lemba Soni IT Enterprise competence center leads with availability, experience and ensures that your mission /business-critical applications are underpinned with the most available platform for the windows and Linux, being the status ft Server.

Applied Concept

LembaSoni IT Applied concept providing top quality software development and new media design services and deliverable that solve problems and maximize productivity across a diverse range of business activity. Solutions are predominantly web-enable, using the latest Microsoft technologies and tool.s

Technical Service

Lemba Soni IT managed services consists of support products package to provide agreed levels of your IT infrastructure. No matter what level of support your business requires, there is a product that will meet your specific needs.

Delivering a high return on investment

Applications Integrated Solutions is a substantial IT services and a unit that is part of the Solutions division within LembaSoni IT. It is currently at the forefront in satisfying the unique business needs of our clients through information and communication technology with specialized expertise in all technologies. This including mainframe, mid-range, client-server and Internet. This unit is well positioned for the most complex development and integrated projects. Application Integration Solutions has the ability to execute large and integrated projects with teams drawn from various IT disciplines. The unit directly supports the Solutions Division of LembaSoni IT in providing comprehensive integrated solutions to all various types of industries.


We are The Best IT Company with strong Quality Support

Established in 2007, LembaSoni IT is an IT solution company specializing in enterprise solution, software development services, Application and Systems integration, CCTV, DSTV, Conference video & sound system, Projector & Screen and technical services. We also provide a wide range of branded hardware and software products and peripherals including the leading locally producers desktop and server range. In addition, we offer consultancy, software development and solution design and implementation on all hardware platforms from mobile and desktop to traditional and fault tolerant server environments. Located in Pietermaritzburg, the company has single regional office and will be growing footprint in South Africa. LembaSoni IT cultured is born out of entrepreneurial beginnings and is one of creative thinking and innovation. We are made up of over five young individuals who each bring their own attitude, potential, talented and dynamism to the company. You will find us professional, knowledgeable and focused on providing you with best solution and service possible..

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